Build 2023 Architecture Awards,
Best Multi-Disciplinary Architectural Designer & Most Innovative Community Architecture Project (Australia) - Tallwoods Chapel of Light.
Design Matters National, awarded NSW Building Design of the Year, 2022

Dustin Leaney, Principal Architect

Innerchi Studios is the Architecture Practice of Dustin Leaney. (NSW Architect Reg. No. 7931)

Innerchi Studios has over 30 years of experience in the building industry, over 15 years as a registered architect and over 10 years as a sole-practitioner architect.

Whether you want an Off-Grid House, an out-house or a block of apartments, chances are that Dustin can help.

A diverse range of experience breeds lateral thinking that finds solutions to problems, whether they are regulatory council issues, site constraints, or design challenges. These are the types of projects that Innerchi Studios specialises in.

Dustin Leaney is also a Class 2 registered Building Design Practitioner under the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act, we are a member of Design Matters, the largest community of building designers in Australia, and is a Registered Architect with the NSW Architects Registration Board.


All projects at Innerchi Studios work through each of these four stages before reaching fruition.


All projects start with an idea, a dream, a concept, an emotion. The idea may be as simple as ‘We need an outhouse’ (yes… I have designed an outhouse), or might be as complicated as ‘I’d like a shop-top residential development with a small medical centre.

From Outhouse to Shoptop
From Outhouse to Shoptop

There are no bad ideas… (although I have heard some doozies).

Chances are, if you are reading this, you already have your idea.

Its likely that you’re ready to pick up the phone and book in a ‘Preliminary Project Planning Meeting’


This is your first contact with Innerchi Studios & we have a clear and concise process to help you prepare your personalised list of requirements, develop a clear project plan and give you an early stage opinion of probable cost for your project.

This is all done prior to any design work, to ensure that your ideas are both feasible and achievable. Remember, I said there are no bad ideas… but there are many ideas that are neither feasible nor achievable!

The ‘Preliminary Project Planning Meeting‘ will help to identify the opportunities and constraints evident in your site, any challenges presented by planning regulations, and establish a clear process to work through the individual requirements of your idea, your site, your council and your budget – ie. your Project.

On completion of ‘The Preliminary Project Planning Meeting‘ you will be presented with a clear process outlined in your ‘Project Plan Spreadsheet’, which has been based on the information you provide to us in our consultation, based on the desktop review of your site, and the local regulatory requirements. The ‘Project Plan Spreadsheet’ will include the entire process from start to finish for the completion of your home, it will itemise each consultant required for approvals, and provide an estimate of time-frames and costs for each stage of work.


The ‘Project Plan Spreadsheet’ presented on completion of your ‘Preliminary Project Planning Meeting’, becomes the process we follow to achieve your desired result. Once the process has been established, it is just a matter of keeping the spreadsheet up to date with any changes, and ticking off the items until your home is complete.

Because a home is very personal, your Project Plan will include a Co-Creative Design Stage. Depending on your requirements, allowances will be made to collaboratively create your individual design. Innerchi Studios works with the latest 3D design technology so that you can clearly visualise your ideas, on your site. We also work through a proven process of schematic design, sketch design, and further design development to ensure that the house that council approves is the exact house that you want to live in. Each stage allows for you to review, revise and visualise as the design of your new home progresses.

Your Project Plan Spreadsheet will be updated once a schematic design is completed, and once your sketch design is completed (just prior to preparing drawings for council applications). These regular updates ensure you remain aware of the cost and time implications of the important decisions we make throughout the Co-Creative Design process.


Have a look through some of the results that we have achieved for our clients. The video at the top of this page shows the initial design idea produced during our sketch design stages, followed by the finished home for your comparison. Additionally, our project pages include the stories of many of our completed projects.

Please don’t hesitate to subscribe to our mailing list, and we can include you in an occasional email advising you of new projects or informational blog posts as they get added to our website.

We hope you enjoy reviewing our work, and we look forward to working with you soon.

Kind Regards,

Dustin Leaney,

Principal Architect.

NSW Architects Reg. No. 7931

Class 2 Design Practioner No. DEP 0000719

Member of Design Matters, National.