Image of Traditional Chinese Garden in Shanghai.
A Green Skyscraper by Architect, Ken Yeang
An Organic Community Development by Swiss Architect Peter Vetsch
The worlds most famous residence 'Falling Water' by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Bio-Dome by Architects Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners
Green Building by Viennese 'Building Doctor' Hundertwasser
Innerchi Studios - Apartment Concept, Coffs Harbour
Innerch Studios - Bringing Nature back into our urban environments.
Innerchi Studios - Shopping Centre Concept
Innerchi Studios - Off-Grid Rural Residence
Innerchi Studios - Off Grid Rural Residence
Innerchi Studios - Naturally Filtered Swimming Pool
Innerchi Studios - Harmonious Hallway
M-CH Micro Compact Home for Students by researchers from London & Munich Disney Hollywood Studios – Disneyland, Florida. Starwars, The Galaxy's Edge. (under construction)
Innerchi Studios - Holiday Home. Small is Beautiful
Innerchi Studios - Holiday Home - Connect with Nature
Innerchi Studios - Connection with outdoors
Innerchi Studios - Sustainable, hillside, forest home.

A Utopian Vision

Innerchi Studios

Innerchi Studios – A Utopian Vision.

Our Philosophy:

Every architect operates on a philosophy of Architecture, whether consciously, unconsciously, stated or unstated.  Rather than state our philosophy, watch our visual slide show of projects.  These are projects have either been created by Innerchi Studios and / or by others that inspire Innerchi Studios.  We hope the slide show will inspire you too.

Our Goals:

In each project that we work on, we work towards creating enjoyable lifestyles that are affordable, environmentally sustainable, and allow a re-connection with nature & community.  We like to push the envelope and exceed our clients expectations, both with the services that we offer and the designs and projects that we produce.  How can we help you?


Firstly, we listen to what you want to achieve and we ask the questions that help you to clearly define your requirements.

Secondly, we research your site.  We find out as much information as possible so that your design can grow out of your site’s unique requirements.

Thirdly, we study the best of what has been achieved.  Each project involves research into the best ways to achieve your unique goals.  Inspiration is the start of every project.

Fourth, we use the latest software to build your project in 3D.  This allows you to see exactly what your building is going to be like, inside and out, every corner.

Fifth is co-creation.  We work with you to refine the design.  It is your project and you get to make the decisions.   We aim to provide quality information to help you achieve the most appropriate balance of time, cost and quality for your unique project.

Finally we follow a proven process to obtain your council approvals.  We follow a proven process to build your project and at every step along the way we keep you well informed.

our projects:

At Innerchi Studios we love designing and creating Family Homes, Holiday Houses, Affordable Housing, Landscape Designs, Cafes, Shops, and all manner of developments, small and large.

For more websites of architectural inspiration some of our favourites are

Archilovers, Arch Daily, Architizer, Bookmarc, Dezeen, Houzz, Inhabitat, and Lunchbox Architect.