Ground Floor Plan
Upper Floor Plan




Stage 1 of the new Port Macquarie campus of the Charles Sturt University is now complete. As a result, there is a strong demand for student accommodation.  Land values are expensive in Port Macquarie.  Students need more affordable housing.  This project is located on Gordon Street on an un-used driveway between two shop buildings. Hence, the land is affordable.  Food outlets, grocery stores, a laundromat and all of the central services of Port Macquarie are at the students door step.

DESIGN for student accomodation:

Firstly, Students will enter from Gordon St into a sunny, two-story garden courtyard.  This creates a pleasant entry space with star jasmine creepers growing up the walls.  More importantly, however, it creates an acoustic buffer from the busy main street.

Secondly, Students live in North facing, spacious and efficiently organised rooms.  The fully self-contained rooms have both a full bathroom and a small kitchen for meal preparation.

Thirdly, there is a large common living, dining, kitchen area and a share laundry.  Students use these facilities to prepare larger meals or entertain friends.

Finally, the ground floor apartment and all of the common areas are fully wheelchair accessible.

This design was inspired by the boutique laneway apartments designed for Bellingen, and Innerchi Studio’s desire to find creative solutions for difficult to use sites.

affordable BUILDABILITY:

The building is a class 1b boarding house which means a cost effective, affordable construction.  Being such a narrow site however, requires the thinnest construction materials that will meet the requirements.  155mm Dincel reinforced concrete walls with suspended concrete slab forms the base structure.  Small spans minimise the need for expensive engineered solutions.  Concrete provides the one hour fire-rating.  Insulated plasterboard provides for thermal comfort and acoustic plasterboard provides additional noise separation where required.  The result is a very efficient building.