Tiny Homes Estate Concept, Bellingen

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Aerial View of Tiny Homes Estate Concept


Affordable Housing has always been a primary focus for Innerchi Studios. Dustin has been following the Tiny House movement since its conception in the USA, and has always had a keen interest in Tiny Homes.

Interior View of Tiny Homes Estate


In NSW there are many regulations that govern what a Tiny House is and where you can build it. This particular concept is reviewing the possibility of creating what legislation calls a ‘Manufactured Homes Estate’ to create Tiny House lots that could then be leased on long-term leases for the occupants to build their Tiny Houses.

In Bellingen, this is possible on any R1 Residential site where a ‘caravan park’ is permissible and where there are water and sewer services available. Typically, a ‘caravan park’ would require a large lot of land, but a manufactured homes estate built on a small scale could be as small as a standard suburban lot, with enough space for three or four tiny homes where you would typically only fit one residential dwelling (and perhaps a granny-flat).

Side View of Tiny Homes Estate

In more rural areas, rather than create a ‘Manufactured Homes Estate’ which are not permissible within the local land zones, it would be more beneficial to create a ‘Multiple Occupancy’. The limitation of this is that the land size must be 10 Hectares or more before this is permissible.

On smaller rural sites (and in R1 Residential areas), it could also be feasible to take advantage of the ‘expanded dwelling’ clause in the DCP and there-by obtain up to 5 x tiny homes, who all share a common kitchen and laundry facility.

View from lower end of Tiny Homes Estate


There are many varieties and models of creating a Tiny Homes Estate, and each site is different. As such, it is important to do your research early and coordinate with council to help you achieve the best result. Innerchi Studios is well versed in the local and state regulations which govern Tiny Homes construction and is able to help.