Sacred Geometry Garden Design

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With a history of use as an Ashram, this site was purchased by the owner with the intent of establishing a meditation retreat. After talking with Innerchi Studios and walking the site, we discovered and uncovered a hidden geometry. The tree of life branches out from the main axis on the site, which runs from the crest of the hill down to the crystal clear spring at the base of the site.

Master Plan of Shyambaba Meditation Retreat in Bellingen.

The proposed geometry works around all of the existing structures on the site, bringing them into alignment and harmony with the total structure of the site. Each existing area on the site has its own designated use and space. While, the future garden design will develop and enhance the specific energy of each node on the Tree of Life design. Garden paths and walkways will be incorporated so that throughout the course of a meditation retreat, one can ‘Walk the Tree’ and partake in cleansing ceremonies, philosophical lectures and talks, guided meditations, personal meditations, working with Nature in the organic, permaculture market gardens, or just experience the natural setting of the landscaped gardens in the Bellingen Shire, (Gleniffer).

The focal point of the design will be a custom designed meditation room. Designed with the ‘Seed of Life’ Geometry at the heart of the ‘Tree of Life’ design. The meditation room becomes a focal point for the energy of the entire site. With large openings facing in six directions, the room is light and airy, open to Nature, but also soft and nurturing, encouraging a deep inner journey.