Preliminary Project Plan Meeting

Your $440 plan to turn your dream into your home.

This is your pathway to prepare a clear process from start to finish for your new home or renovation.

How it works.

Step 1 – Book in a meeting and provide a short description of your address and what you want to achieve.

Step 2 – Innerchi Studios will do a desktop review of:

  • your site: location, orientation, slope, climate, etc…
  • council planning issues affecting your site: zoning, bushfire, biodiversity, flooding, heritage, etc…
  • council services around your site: water, sewer, stormwater, electricity, etc…
  • council’s regulations and state policies: Local Environment Plan, Development Control Plan, State Planning Policies, etc…

Step 3– Have the Preliminary Project Planning Meeting. This will be a 1 – 2 hour meeting (either in our office at Bellingen, or via Zoom), to discuss your project – including:

  • Working through your list of rooms sizes for your new home. (assistance provided for those who are not so good with visualising sizes).
  • Working through your expectations of quality of finish.
  • Working through the ancillary works associated with your project.
  • Reviewing the consultants that are likely to be required.
  • Discuss the opportunities and constraints of your site.
  • Review how much your new home is likely to cost. (early stage Opinion of Probable Build Cost for feasibility).
  • Review how long the process is likely to take. (with key milestones throughout).

Step 4 – Innerchi Studios will email you the package of what has been discussed for your information and further consideration, which will consist of:

  • A personalised Schedule of Accommodation, (based on your list of rooms, sizes and requirements.)
  • Opinion of Probable Building Cost (based on your Schedule of Accommodation, and industry standard square metre rates)
  • Opinion of Probable Cost of Ancillary Works (based on your site and requirements)
  • Schedule of Design and Planning Process.
  • List of consultants likely to be required.
  • Project Plan of projected time-frames for each stage of work, from concept design through to building completion.

If you are thinking of building a new home or renovation book your Preliminary Project Planning Meeting with Innerchi Studios Now.

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